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Why Quit?

Most people know that smoking or other forms of tobacco use is harmful for their health, but don't always understand the benefits of quitting. You'll notice immediate health changes that improve your health, look and smell. Find out what improves just 20 minutes after quitting.

how to quit tobacco

The Best Way to Quit

Most tobacco users have tried to quit at one point.Browse our many FREE programs - including online, mobile phone applicationsand class offerings, with quit rates that rival the best programs in the country. 

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Support Along Your Journey

No matter where you are in your journey to living tobacco-free, find resources to help keep you informed, motivated and connected to your goals. Have a question? Talk directly with a registered nurse and find the answers you need.

See our program results that speak for themselves:

92% of participants complete the program


Over 50% of participants quit


Another 40% reduce their tobacco use


Program based on insights from 15,000+ smokers & chewers, over 20 years

Hear from our program participants: