Saint Alphonsus Health System

Your Visit

Before your visit, contact your insurance company, if applicable, to verify that your provider is covered under your plan.  Also, ask about your coverage and benefits for your visit, so you will be prepared for your financial responsibility. For more information on our billing policies, please click here.

Planning for Your Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, please be prepared to present your current insurance card(s) and a valid photo ID. We use these items to protect your identity and ensure the accuracy of your information in our systems.

During your visit, each time a staff member comes in contact with you, they will ask you for the patient’s name and date of birth so they can verify they are providing the right service for the right patient. While this may seem unnecessary, we do it to ensure your safety. If you have any concerns about this, please talk with any of our staff members.

Write Down Your Questions

The time you will spend with your healthcare provider is an opportunity to discuss your health and concerns. We encourage you to organize your questions and tell your provider of those concerns at the beginning of the appointment.  To ensure we assess your needs thoroughly and deliver quality care, some concerns may need to be addressed at another appointment. If this is the case, your provider will ask you to return to the clinic at a later date. We believe all of your questions are important and will work with you to obtain answers.

Medical Records

If you are bringing your child in for a visit, please bring a copy of their immunization record so that we may provide you with the most up to date information about immunizations.

You may be asked to provide some of the following additional medical records as applicable to the reason for your visit:

  • Operative reports
  • X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, etc.
  • Labs, pathology


You can help your provider by knowing the names of your medication. If you are on several medications, bringing a list or the bottles to every visit is a good idea. It is very important that we be aware of all prescribed and over the counter medications that you are taking so we can best manage your health.