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Women's Health

Through every stage of life, from childbearing years and beyond, our services focus on the individual need of every woman.  From primary care and wellness screenings to comprehensive maternity, gynecologic, breast care, and heart care programs – we have personalized services made just for you.

Primary Care

Saint Alphonsus has more than 330 board-certified doctors and providers, including general practitioners, family doctors, OB/GYN physicians, midwives, pediatricians and specialists from Boise to Baker City. Whether you're looking for a primary care provider to be the central point for coordinating all your medical care or you need a specialist for a specific concern, our medical team will provide you and your family with the high-quality, personal care you deserve.

Annual exams. Routine gynecological exams should be an important part of every woman's health plan. We offer a full range of gynecological services, from prevention and screening through gynecologic cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Breast care. Getting regular mammograms and breast exams can help women detect changes in their breasts early and allow them to receive prompt medical care.  We offer a full range of breast health services, from prevention and screening through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Pregnancy and reproductive health. Our providers can help you through every stage of your pregnancy, from helping with fertility and conception issues to providing prenatal care and assisting with the safe delivery of your baby. We also provide a full range of services for women at the end of their reproductive years, including hysterectomy, and advice on hormone replacement options and other ways to ease the transition to menopause.

Learn more about our clinics and our team of primary care providers ready to help you manage your health.

Maternity Care

The birth of your baby is a special time and the beginning of a wonderful chapter in your life.  The Saint Alphonsus Maternity Center is the right place to begin.

Whether you choose to deliver in Boise, Nampa, Ontario or Baker City, all of our Maternity Centers devote extra attention to making sure that the birth of your baby is a personal experience.  We offer parents a wide array of choices with a full range of services by mother-baby experts to make sure you get the care, pampering and keepsake moments you've dreamed about.

If your pregnancy becomes high-risk or your newborn is born prematurely, we've got you covered.  Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physicians, Obstetric Hospitalists and Neonatologists in Boise are available to meet your needs. Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides the highest level of care for newborns available anywhere in Idaho or Oregon. Learn more...

Women’s Heart Care

Saint Alphonsus Women’s Heart Care is a comprehensive cardiovascular program designed to address the specific needs of women. We are the only comprehensive women's heart program in the Northwest and are committed to optimizing the evaluation of women with or at risk for heart disease and providing the best, state of the art cardiac care. Learn more...

Education & Wellness

Saint Alphonsus offers a variety of community education and wellness support programs for women and their families.  From childbirth and sibling preparation to breastfeeding and massage, we have the services and support you need for your growing family. Learn more...

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Women's Health

Our Women's Health Information Center provides in-depth information on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of conditions that affect women of all ages.


Find the right provider

From girls to grandmas, and every stage in between, Saint Alphonsus Certified Nurse Midwives are here to help you navigate your health journey - no matter what age, or stage of life you are in. Learn more about our OB/GYN providers.


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