Saint Alphonsus Health System

What Our Patients and Partners Have to Say About the CARE Clinic

Before CARE:

“How do you safely explain medication dosage instructions to someone raised in a refugee camp, who has never been introduced to the concept of numbers or time?”
—Family Medicine Provider

“In my country, you always stand in line and wait for the clinic to open. Here, you go into the building. I did not know how to get to the second floor, or even how to push the button in the elevator.”
—Expectant Mother

“Seemingly invasive prenatal exams can be terrifying for a refugee patient, depending on the culture and the trauma and abuse she has experienced.”
—Family Center Staff Member

Because of CARE:

“Our patients are no longer terrified of their first prenatal exam, or of labor and delivery in a hospital setting. We have seen increased levels of trust, which translates into greater cooperation between expectant moms and their healthcare teams – and much healthier outcomes.”
—Obstetric Provider

“I thank you from all of my heart. I found my second family and safety in you. You have a large credit in me regaining trust and tranquility. I was so scared being alone ... but I was quite wrong, because I found myself in between safe hands.”
—CARE Clinic Maternity Patient (via translation)