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Ontario Volunteer Services

Volunteer Program Overview

The Auxiliary Volunteer Program and Non-Auxiliary Adult Volunteer Program are committed to serving Saint Alphonsus Medical Center — Ontario, its patients, guests and the community.

People from all walks of life volunteer at Saint Alphonsus Medical Center — Ontario, and nearly all agree, they get far more out of the experience than they put in. If you can commit one day a week to us, you will soon find a new camaraderie with a diverse group of people who consider each other family—and whose efforts make Saint Alphonsus Medical Center — Ontario a better place to visit, stay and work.

Volunteers are organized into three different categories at Saint Alphonsus Medical Center — Ontario.

The Auxiliary is a separate, not-for-profit organization with its own bylaws and board of directors. It functions under the direction of the Saint Alphonsus Medical Center — Ontario Board of Directors through an administrative liaison and has an average active membership of 67.

In the last year they have:

  • Donated over $24,000 in capital equipment.
  • Volunteered over 13,754 hours.

Adult Volunteers
Adult volunteers are people who wish to volunteer but don't want to belong to the Auxiliary.

Student Volunteers
Student volunteers are high school or college students, 16 years or older.

Volunteer With Us!
Interested in learning more or possibly becoming a volunteer? Call 541-881-7010.