Saint Alphonsus Health System

Trauma Center

Trauma CenterAs the most experienced trauma center in Idaho, eastern Oregon and northern Nevada, Saint Alphonsus has a long history of caring for the seriously ill and injured. Although many hospitals and clinics care for anyone who is injured, the Saint Alphonsus Trauma Center has been committed to caring for the critically injured for many decades. This commitment brings a level of medical responsiveness that is unmatched in the state.

What is a Trauma Center?

care of the critically injured is a team approachA trauma center is a system of care within an acute care hospital (such as Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center), which provides an organized systematic response of healthcare professionals to treat adults or children who are critically injured.

The care of the critically injured is a team approach. It is led by a general surgeon, with special training in trauma, or a "trauma surgeon." The trauma surgeon is in charge of the team—including emergency physicians, Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and other specialists—and organizes the most effective and appropriate response to an individual who has been injured.


The Difference Between a Trauma Center and Other Hospitals

The Difference Between a Trauma Center and Other HospitalsSaint Alphonsus's Trauma Center represents a continuum of care that incorporates the rapid, critical care response of Life Flight: the Emergency Department; comprehensive, multi-specialty surgical expertise including neuroscience, trauma and Orthopedics; critical care units; and a spinal cord accredited acute rehabilitation center, as well as the state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies that are integrated throughout each of these centers.

Services working together to advance the healing of patientsThe expertise and resources of all these services working together to advance the healing of patients and help them make a successful recovery, plus strong efforts toward prevention and safety education, are what make a quality Trauma Center.

Having this strong critical care backbone, plus the support of other services, such as cancer, maternal-fetal medicine, neonatal intensive care unit and heart and vascular centers, enables Saint Alphonsus to deliver unparalleled patient care in the region.