Saint Alphonsus Health System

Tips for Parents

Can I walk or run with my child?

We ask parents and/or guardians to stay off the course. With as many as 2,000 participants, additional people on the course (especially grown-ups) cause confusion and unsafe conditions. If you would like to watch your child, you can walk along the side of the course. We also recommend that you find a buddy to participate with your child. This gives them extra motivation and companionship during the race. Please remember that girls and boys participate in different waves, so find a buddy of the same gender.

Does my child have to run the entire race?

What if my child cannot finish the race? Kids of all abilities are encouraged to attend, regardless of their speed. Many participants run the entire race, but many walk, skip or do a little of both. Just in case, we do have official pick up cars for anyone not able to finish. Remember—everyone is a winner and all participants receive a medal, water bottle, and refreshments at the Finish Fair.

I am worried about letting my child participate. What kind of precautions and security measures are taken?

With more than 300 volunteers generously helping with the race every year, we pride ourselves on the safety of the children. Race volunteers will wear T-shirts with “Race Volunteer” on the front. These volunteers team up with the Boise Police Department and carefully monitor the race from start to finish for the safety of the children. In addition, the Saint Alphonsus provides nurses and medical personnel for First Aid.

What happens at the end?

How do I find my child? In colors red, blue, green, and pink, giant wind-blades will be at the finish line for all to see. We recommend that you choose a color with your child and designate that color of wind-blade for your meeting place. Examples of these wind-blades will be available at packet pick-up so that you can see them before the big day. We also mark your child's bib with the color of your meeting flag as a little reminder to them, in case they forget. Please remember the finish line is exciting and chaotic. Be patient while waiting for your child to make it to your designated meeting spot. If you get separated from your child, please go to the Impact Radio DJ Station and they will announce over the sound system the name of the missing person.

Important Things for Parents to Know

  • Please have all racers to the Boise Depot by 10:15 a.m. on Saturday, June 6. Race start time will be 11 a.m. There is no registration on race day. You can get back down to the Capitol Building by going Crescent Rim/Latah/Americana or Crescent Rim/Peasley/Rose Hill/Vista/Capitol Boulevard
    (please note: this route will be CLOSED after 10:35 a.m. The police will close block traffic at University Drive).
  • Please make sure that each child wears their assigned bib number—don't exchange numbers among siblings or friends. This is important to assure correct timing of all racers. Please pin bibs above the tear-off line to the front of the racers T-shirts. At the finish line, the bottom part of the bib will be torn off by a volunteer.
  • Parents, PLEASE stay out of the finish line chutes at the end of the race. Meet racers after the water bottle station.
  • Children are encouraged to wear their Classic T-shirts during the race.
  • Participant times can be viewed at following the event.
  • As a reminder, Saint Alphonsus partners with the YMCA to use a chip timing program.   This state of the art timing service will take the form of a timing tag that is attached to each racer's bib.  It is imperative that your child wear their bib so their time can be accurately monitored.