Saint Alphonsus Health System

Telemedicine Services

Emergency Specialist Program

Emergency Specialist ProgramThis service was created to improve access to state-of-the-art health care for patients presenting to our partnering hospital emergency departments. Utilizing Remote Presence Technology to accommodate face to face provider collaboration, integration of emergency protocols, and coordination of services between hospitals, patient treatment and transport (when medically necessary) can be expedited. This consultative approach improves access to specialty care and reduces the need for travel and unnecessary patient transports.


This service provides patients and physicians in rural locations with rapid medical imaging results. Patient CT scans and x-rays are sent via high speed network to radiologists at Saint Alphonsus to view digitally online. Exam results/findings are then made available to rural physicians more quickly so they can effectively treat their patients.

Telemedicine with Shriner's Hospital

Shriner's Children's Hospital in Utah uses the Saint Alphonsus Telemedicine program to view the physical developmental progress of their surgical patients who live in our region. This provides patients and their families safer access to healthcare and reduced expenses by minimizing travel distance and time away from work and home.

Outpatient Clinics

Saint Alphonsus Health System has developed outpatient clinics in partnership with rural facilities via Remote Presence technology. These clinics are based on population need and are designed to increase access to specialty services and eliminate the time and expensive of travel. Specialists in Boise can connect in real time to patients in outlying areas, decreasing the need to travel.

For more information regarding outpatient clinics implementation, please contact Tiffany Whitmore at or 208-367-7268.

Other Remote Patient Consultation Services

Physicians from Saint Alphonsus can use the robot to visually assess the patient, listen to the heart, lung, and bowel, examine bedside monitor data, and speak to the patient and local physician when patient consultations are requested by partnering hospitals. The use of technology provides opportunities to develop specialty programs to meet the unique needs of rural or community hospitals that may lack specialty services.

Communication with Families of Patients

If a family is not present when a physician consults a patient, the physician can use the Robot to be remotely present to answer any questions and update family members on the patient's progress.

Connecting Patients with Family and Friends

When a patient is transported to Saint Alphonsus from another location, family and friends unable to accompany them can use the robot to check-in and be present with that patient.

Educational Outreach

Telemedicine also offers a wide range of educational opportunities, including stroke, cardiac, trauma, and emergency services education to physicians and nurses within the network, either by the robot or online webinars. Another program available is the nursing program for new and experienced operating room nurses. This program focuses on current evidence-based best practices and the core competencies necessary for working in a surgical setting. The program is designed to be delivered either in-person or through telemedicine to our partnering facilities. For more information on educational opportunities, please contact Tatiana Reddy at