Saint Alphonsus Health System

Recognizing our Donors

Millennium WallMillennium Wall

The Central Tower at Saint Alphonsus is home to a cumulative giving wall that displays a list of donors who have generously given to Saint Alphonsus over the years. The list will be updated annually with the following levels:

  • Silver Circle: $25,000+
  • Platinum Circle: $100,000+
  • Ruby Circle: $250,000+
  • Emerald Circle: $500,000+
  • Diamond Circle: $1,000,000+
  • Angel Circle: $2,000,000+
  • Circle of Saints: $3,000,000+

Annual Giving Wall

The new Center for Advanced Healing features an Annual Giving Wall designed to recognize donors who have generously given to Saint Alphonsus the previous year. The wall will be updated each January listing all donors (excluding Life Flight Memberships).

Benefactor Circle Members

The Foundation recognizes and thanks individuals who make planned gifts that serve to secure the future of Saint Alphonsus for generations to come by naming those individuals as members of the Benefactor Circle. Planned gifts include, but are not limited to: bequests in wills and trusts, the creation of a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity, the gift of a life insurance policy on the donor's life, or a remainder interest in real property.

Benefactor Circle members wishing to be recognized will be listed in appropriate publications and on the Millennium Wall located in the lobby of the hospital's Central Tower. Members of the Benefactor Circle include:

  • Derek Carissimi
  • R. (Cris) † and Shirley Crismon
  • Frances and Roy Ellsworth, MD
  • John B. and Delores C. Fery
  • Melville Fisher, II
  • Karen Gerhartz
  • Joyce E. Gordon and Eric Remais
  • Ronald N. and Diane Plastino Graves
  • Pete and Vicki Helming
  • Lynn and Jim Johnston, MD
  • Jim Kissler
  • Lois N. and John G. Kloss, MD
  • Kelly and Murray Lodge
  • Winifred Mauch
  • Gary and Kathy Mahn
  • Josephine Miner
  • Annette and Lonnie Park
  • Michael Reuling and Marianne McIntosh
  • Linda Payne Smith and Jeff Smith
  • Patrick and Linda Steele
  • Stemmler Family Foundation
  • Cynthia and H. Theodore Thoreson, MD
  • Ruth Trostel
  • Flo Van Camp
  • Barney Warren
  • James H. Webb II and Carole Webb, RN
  • Janean and Charles White
  • †deceased

Micahel SculptureMichael Sculpture

The Michael Sculpture fountain was originally dedicated as an asymmetrical cross to remind us that healing comes from both the art of medicine and from our faith. A representation of the fountain is displayed in the new Center for Advanced Healing.

A beautiful Water Wall in the new lobby commemorates the loving recognition of Gary G. and Meryle K. Michael to their parents, Herman and Amelia Michael, and Thomas and Marjorie Kurdy.

Tree of LifeTree of Life

The tree has long been a symbol of strength and comfort. It provides shelter, beauty and nourishment. It bends with grace in the wind and casts a cooling shadow in the heat. The tree symbolizes life itself. The Tree of Life is displayed in the new Center for Advanced Healing as a tribute to the great benefactors, Joe and Kathryn Albertson. The Tree of Life serves as a shining reminder of loved ones and a salute to their spirit. Names are engraved on leaves to recognize family and friends with cumulative gifts of $500 or more.

Wind ChimeWind Chime

Saint Alphonsus has created a Wind Chime to honor and memorialize friends and loved ones. The Wind Chime is located along the main entrance to Saint Alphonsus for all patients and visitors to see while enjoying the melody of the chimes.

Patterns of Life

Patterns of LifeAt the Saint Alphonsus Family Maternity Center, we think the arrival of a baby is the most joyous occasion of all. It's something proud parents, friends and family feel like sharing. That's why we've created the Patterns of Life, a tile quilt wall, designed by artist Steve Hanks. For a gift of $100, the child's name and birth date will be permanently listed on the Patterns of Life wall. In addition, a congratulatory card informing the parents of the gift and a keepsake certificate will be sent to the family.
Proceeds from the Patterns of Life wall are used to provide educational resources to the staff of the Family Maternity Center.

Healing Garden

Healing GardenAccess to natural settings has been shown to offset the stress of a hospital admission on patients and their loved ones. Saint Alphonsus has incorporated this therapeutic principle into the rooftop Healing Garden accessible from the fourth floor of the new Center for Advanced Healing. The 6,500 sq.-ft., westward-facing garden is available to patients, family members, and hospital associates seeking a quiet place for respite and recuperation. Far more than an aesthetic enhancement, the incorporation of the Healing Garden is based on research demonstrating the impact of a patient's environment on their well-being – and their ultimate potential for recovery. 

Simple remedies such as natural sunlight can yield a number of potential benefits, including reduced depression, improved sleep quality, and decreased perception of pain. Your generous gifts will provide for the maintenance and enhancement of this serene retreat, ensuring the garden – and its visitors – continue to flourish for the years to come.  Names are engraved on plaques to recognize family and friends with gifts of $100, $500, $1,000 or $10,000 received in their memory or honor.  An engraved name plate can be added to a wooden bench in the Healing Garden for a gift of $5,000.

In Loving Tribute

In Loving Tribute

The Tribute Column, located outside between the S2 and Emergency Department entrances, is an illuminated column to honor and memorialize friends and loved ones.  With cumulative gifts of $100 or more, names are engraved on glass panels in order to be celebrated and remembered.

Distinguished Citizen

Since 1988, Saint Alphonsus has hosted an annual awards dinner recognizing and honoring those who have made a substantial impact on Saint Alphonsus and our community with the Distinguished Individual Citizen Award and the DiDistinguished Citizenstinguished Corporate Citizen Award.  Learn more.