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Faith Community Nurse Health Ministry

Parish Health Volunteers

The Faith Community Nurse Ministry (formerly known as the Parish Nurse Health Ministry) began at Saint Alphonsus in 1989.  It is a partnership between Saint Alphonsus and faith communities (churches, synagogues, etc), of any faith tradition, to help meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of faith community members.

Saint Alphonsus also is a designated provider and host of the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course, the education required for competency in Faith Community Nursing practice. This course is made available on an annual basis and is for nurses who are interested in wholistic nursing care. The course is based on the American Nurses Association and Health Ministries Association Faith Community Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice (2nd edition, 2012). The curriculum is developed by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center, a Ministry of the Church Health Center, Memphis, TN.  

For more information, please contact Cari Moodie at 208-367-6494 or e-mail

Healing Music ProgramHealing Music Program

Volunteer musicians provide music as a service to comfort and support patients, family members and staff. Instrumentalists (guitar, flute and piano) and vocalists provide healing music in designated areas as arranged through Volunteer Services. Music for the patient bedside—which requires musicians trained in this specialized field—and for special needs is also available upon request or by pre-arranged appointment through Volunteer Services.

Pet Therapy ProgramPet Therapy Volunteers

Dogs and their owners visit patients, visitors and employees. These are people-loving dogs, and owners have spent a number of hours training their pets to be around a variety of individuals. Our Pet Therapy Dogs have passed the testing and orientation offered by the Saint Alphonsus Recreational Therapy Department.

Caring Clown UnitCaring Clown Unit

Hospital clowns are a joy for patients, families, visitors and the staff of Saint Alphonsus alike! Our clowns MUST graduate from the Smile Aide Training Seminar. A clown cart packed full of fun and laughter has been put together by the clowns to use as they visit the units.

Junior Volunteer Program

For youth ages 14-18, Saint Alphonsus offers the opportunity to experience volunteering in a hospital setting through the Junior Volunteer Program. The program allows teenagers who may have an interest in a medical profession to see first hand what actually goes on in a hospital.

For more information about volunteering or our opportunities, e-mail us at or complete our online volunteer application.