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Paul S. Shurnas MD

Fellowship Year: 2002

Paul Shurnas, MDPaul S. Shurnas, M.D., a graduate of Creighton University Medical School, Omaha, Nebraska, completed his Orthopedic residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Shurnas practices with the Columbia Orthopedic Group in Columbia, Missouri and with the University of Missouri Health Sciences focusing on foot and ankle surgery and trauma. Dr. Shurnas’ current interests included foot and ankle- sports related injury, trauma, reconstruction, graduate surgical training and research.

He has co-authored and published several foot and ankle articles with Dr. Coughlin.

Contact information
Columbia Orthopedic Group
1 South Keene Street
Columbia, MO USA 65205
Phone: 573-441-3795
Fax: 573-441-3796

Articles Published with Dr. Coughlin

  • Jones C, Coughlin M, Shurnas P. Prospective CT Scan Evaluation of Hindfoot Nonunions Treated with Revision Surgery and Low-Intensity Ultrasound Stimulation Foot Ankle Int 27:229-235, 2005
  • Jones C, Coughlin M, Grebing B. Kennedy M, Shurnas P, Viladot R, Galano P. First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Motion after Hallux Valgus Correction: A Cadaveric Study Foot Ankle Int. 26:614-619, 2005
  • Jones C, Coughlin M, Pierce-Villadot R, Golano P, Kennedy M., Shurnas P., Grebing B, The validity and reliability of the Klaue device.. Foot Ankle International 26:951-956, 2005
  • Coughlin M, Shurnas P. Hallux Rigidus. Surgical techniques (Cheilectomy and Arthrodesis. J.Bone Joint Surg. 86A Supplement #2, 2004 pp 119 to 130
  • Coughlin M, Jones C, Villadot R, Galano P, Grebing B, Shurnas P, Kennedy M, Alvarez F. Hallux Valgus and First Ray Mobility: A Cadaveric Study. Foot Ankle Int. 25: 537 to 544, 2004
  • Shurnas P, Coughlin M. Recall of the Risks of Forefoot Surgery After Informed Consent. Foot Ankle Int. 24:904-908, 2003
  • Coughlin M, Shurnas P. Hallux Rigidus. Grading, and long-term results of operative treatment. J. Bone Joint Surgery. 85-A:2072-2088, 2003
  • Coughlin M, Shurnas P. Hallux Rigidus: demographics, etiology, and radiographic assessment. Foot Ankle Int 24:731-743, 2003
  • Coughlin M, Shurnas P. Soft-tissue arthroplasty for hallux rigidus. Foot Ankle Int. 24:661-672, 2003
  • Coughlin M, Shurnas P. Hallux Valgus in Men Part II: First ray mobility after bunionectomy and factors associated with hallux valgus deformity. Foot Ankle Int. 24:73-78, 2003
  • Shurnas P, Coughlin M. Surgical management of the rheumatoid forefoot. J Foot Surgery (India) 18: 39-45, 2003
  • Coughlin, M.J. Schenck, Jr., R.C., Shurnas, P.J.., Bloome,D.M. Concurrent interdigital neuroma and MTP joint instability: long-term results of treatment. Foot and Ankle Int. 23:1018-1025, 2002.



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