Saint Alphonsus Health System

Patient & Visitor Information

The Saint Alphonsus Neuroscience Institute welcomes patient referrals for consultation and/or treatment. Physicians at the Neuroscience Institute offer diagnostic, consultative and therapeutic services for all neurosurgical problems. The physicians are pleased to discuss any prospective referrals to guide in the proper selection of a specialist.

The Saint Alphonsus Neuroscience Institute provides the only full continuum for the care of people with neurological disease or injury in the region. This continuum provides an interdisciplinary coordinated continuum of care for all levels of impairment and includes:

  • Regional trauma center services
  • Acute neurooncology services
  • Intensive care unit
  • Acute neurological treatment unit
  • Inpatient rehabilitation program
  • Outpatient rehabilitation program (STARS)
  • Home health services

This means that each patient's care can be managed from the initial acute care stage, through the rehabilitation stage, to the outpatient setting where follow-up services continue to assist patients in maintaining a healthy and independent lifestyle.

To find out more about the Saint Alphonsus Neuroscience Institute, its services, Office of Research and educational opportunities, please call 800-779-3737 or 208-367-2747.