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Patient Testimonial About the MAKOplasty Procedure

MAKO Partial Knee Replacement
Sheila Turner – Sweet, Idaho
November 14, 2011

70 year old Sheila Turner lives in Sweet, Idaho - a one hour drive from Boise in Gem County. Sheila is a retired archeologist who enjoys staying active on her picturesque 29 acre property. Sheila is a vibrant woman with twinkling eyes who believes in living a positive life. She smiles easily and has a soothing way about her that puts everyone at ease.

Sheila and her husband George love walking around their property and enjoying the abundant wildlife that sometimes dart, sometimes wander through their pasture. They see wild turkey, deer and many other animals that roam rural Idaho. You wouldn't know it but Sheila lives with constant pain. "If you turn over in bed it hurts. If you go up the stairs it hurts. You can feel it all the time. And once in a while it'll just kind of give out on you."

Sheila is talking about her knee and the persistent pain she learned to live with. Sheila injured her knee years ago when she twisted it stepping off a sidewalk. Her coping strategy as the pain persisted included using grocery carts as a crutch when she shopped and making sure that when she bent over she got as many things done in that position as possible because getting back in that position caused incredible pain.

One day Sheila couldn't get out of bed. That's when she knew she had to get something done. That something was partial knee replacement surgery with the MAKO system at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. Sheila had surgery Wednesday November 2, 2011. Twelve days later we met up with Sheila and George and walked through the Julia Davis Rose Garden in downtown Boise. Sheila says she feels like a new person and is walking comfortably and even going up stairs. Twelve days later and she's not even using a crutch. "It's just such a remarkable thing to happen."

The pain from her knee used to keep her up at night and it greatly restricted her mobility. Less than 2 weeks after surgery she is flourishing. "The thing that I notice is that I'm waking up in the morning and I feel better. I'm not tired and I'm just feeling excellent. That is a dramatic change and after getting out of the hospital that happened right away."

Sheila references the pain chart that doctors and nurses use to gauge pain.

Sheila says before the surgery her pain level was an eight. Now she says it's a one. "The pain was always there especially at night. To not have it is like being out of prison! I can't say enough good things about it. I would do it again in a flash."

For more information, or to be referred to a physician to discuss MAKOplasty, call 208-367-DOCS (3627).