Saint Alphonsus Health System


Telemedicine MapTelemedicine is a rapidly expanding area of health care that uses various telecommunication technologies to exchange medical information from one location to another, enabling physicians and medical institutions to treat and consult with physicians, clinicians and patients in hospitals, clinics, and patient homes.

Telemedicine provides a mechanism to deliver quality state-of-the-art health care and specialty services to rural and underserved areas, providing more efficient use of medical resources.

With the use of Telemedicine, a patient's physical distance from a healthcare provider is no longer the principal determinate for the mode of health care provided. Patients can receive timely and appropriate medical care in the comfort of their own community, without spending time and money on traveling to the nearest urban facility.

Home care and community based health services are becoming an increasingly important part of the healthcare service continuum. Saint Alphonsus is committed to utilizing Telemedicine as an effective tool in enhancing the quality of patient care and maximizing physician's skills.