Saint Alphonsus Health System

Outpatient Services

Saint Alphonsus Comprehensive Pain Management has been serving the needs of patients in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Utah for over 20 years. We have both physicians and nurse practitioners in the outpatient center.

We try to identify the treatable cause of your pain. There are times we cannot treat the cause and therefore focus our efforts on managing your pain. However, our providers usually see the pain as the symptom of an underlying disorder. We follow a system of care and intensity of service that includes:

  • An outpatient service that offers the necessary requirements to address complex, difficult-to-diagnose and/or treat pain conditions. This includes state-of-the-art equipment and fluoroscopy for guidance during certain procedures.
  • An experienced and proven staff who are devoted and trained exclusively in the evaluation, education and treatment of pain illness to achieve optimum and cost-effective outcome results
  • Reducing pain
  • Reasonable and responsible control of symptoms
  • Providing individualized length of treatment. Some patients may have a single treatment or procedure, while others may have a complex program of longer duration.
  • Improving sleep hygiene
  • Achieving the appropriate balance of medication
  • Addressing the presence and origin of drug dependency
  • Cautious use of addictive medications
  • Ongoing consultations with referring physicians (as needed) to ensure that treatment established can continue after patient leaves the care of the Pain Center staff
  • Reduction of functional impairment and a return to normal physical and mental activity in both work and home settings
  • Encouraging the development of appropriate self-help measures to reduce reliance on healthcare services
  • Implementing home exercise program
  • Stress management (reducing stress and education in coping techniques to facilitate self-management of stress and pain)

Some experts say that chronic pain is the third largest health problem in the nation. A patient's search for pain relief can be relentless, costly and elusive. Patients often have very complicated and long-standing pain problems. You may have visited a variety of doctors and therapists seeking help for your pain. We understand your frustration and impatience for immediate relief.