Saint Alphonsus Health System

Our Technology

Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery

 Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art techniques in fighting cancer. Our ability to provide these advanced techniques stems from the fact that our board-certified physicians and licensed staff are dedicated clinicians. They have trained or held faculty positions at many of the highest-rated institutions in the U.S. and have authored a large number of scientific publications, articles and textbook chapters, receiving national and international recognition for their work.

Our dedication to providing the best techniques is reflected by the fact that Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center is the:

  • First cancer center in Idaho to offer Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery, leading-edge stereotactic radiation therapy that delivers radiation therapy with a level of precision that has never before been possible in the Treasure Valley
  • First cancer center in southwest Idaho and eastern Oregon performing Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), delivering high dose radiation to affected areas and preserving the surrounding healthy tissue
  • First cancer center in Idaho to integrate the advanced imaging techniques of PET (positron emission tomography) into our radiation treatment planning process, ensuring the most accurate localization of tumors. Saint Alphonsus also has formally trained PET specialists who provide accurate reading of the PET images.