Saint Alphonsus Health System

Our Team

The emergency team that will care for you during your visit is specially trained and experienced in emergency medicine and dedicated to providing you with the best care.

  • Registration Clerk: Enters your name into our emergency registration system to ensure we track your care. The clerk will also ask for all of your health insurance and billing information.
  • Triage Nurse: Assesses your medical needs by evaluating you as you arrive in our emergency lobby, takes your vital signs and gets basic medical information.
  • Guest Relations: Serve as the Liaisons between you and your visitors in the waiting room. They keep visitors updated on your progress, escort your visitors to your room and tell them what to expect as they visit you.
  • Primary Nurse: Collaborates with the physician(s) about your care while in the emergency department. You may have more than one primary nurse depending upon the level of care you need.
  • Emergency Department Technician: Assists the physicians and nursing staff with patient care by helping with cleansing wounds, suture/staple removal, EKGs and transportation of patients.
  • Emergency Lab: A phlebotomist will draw blood, when needed, and ensure it gets to the lab. They check on your lab results and alert the physician(s) when it returns.
  • Emergency Physician: Your primary physician in the emergency department will initially assess your medical needs. Depending upon your symptoms, they may ask for another physician or specialist to consult in your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Clinical Social Worker: Provides comforting assistance to you in the Emergency Department, if you require behavior health assistance. The social worker will often do a detailed interview with you, and perhaps your family, to asses the level of crisis and begin to outline a course of action.
  • Radiology Technologist: Takes x-rays that the physician orders.
  • Respiratory Therapist: Assesses your respiratory status, as needed, and aids in administering breathing treatments and controlling ventilators ordered by your physician.