Saint Alphonsus Health System

Occupational Medicine

Making the Difference in Occupational Medicine

Our providers focus on preventive medicine in the workplace. By preventing injuries from happening in the first place and getting people back to work quickly when injuries do occur, great savings in wage replacement and medical care are realized.

What We Offer:

  • The largest team of physicians board-certified in Occupational Medicine in the Treasure Valley.
  • Five locations that focus on occupation medicine patients.
  • 80% of initial work injury exams provided by an MD.
  • Less use of expensive testing compared to national averages.
  • Aggressive Return-to-Work program.

Saint Alphonsus Medical Group Occupational Medicine clinics are located throughout the region from Boise to Ontario. As the longest established occupational medicine program in the Treasure Valley, we provide the following services:

  • Physical exams (DOT, HazMat, pre-employment, respirator).
  • Rehabilitation services.Injury assessment and treatment.
  • Workplace injury management.Health and wellness programs.
  • Ancillary services (includes drug screens).
  • Medical review officer (MRO).
  • Audiometric screenings.
  • Lab services, x-rays.
  • Travel medicine.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) skin tests.
  • Drug screening and collection.
  • Pain management.
  • Chemical exposure.
  • Executive Physicals.

Occupational medicine is committed to providing cost-effective, quality medical care, controlling time loss and promoting early return to work through:

  • Appropriate injury treatment and management by board-certified physicians.
  • Continuity of care by seeing the same provider for all follow up visits.
  • Helping patients understand the process of care.
  • Ongoing communication between healthcare processional, employer and patient.
  • Daily phone calls and/or faxing of return-to-work information to keep employer informed.
  • Multiple sites in Ada and Canyon counties.
  • Wellness and prevention programs to keep the patient strong and healthy.
  • Physician partnership with Saint Alphonsus, a full service quality hospital.

Find an occupational medicine clinic location near you.

Call 208-367-7549 for additional information on Saint Alphonsus Occupational Medicine Program. If you need to make an appointment with a clinic please call the clinic directly.