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Nurse Navigator Services

The Oncology Nurse Navigator is responsible for guiding a patient diagnosed with cancer through the medical, emotional and educational aspects of a cancer diagnosis.  This service is designed to assure that quality care is provided to the patient once the initial diagnosis is determined.

Quality care is achieved by eliminating barriers to care, ensuring timely delivery of services, following through with a recommended course of treatment, and guiding the patient through our health system.

Helping you navigate the healthcare maze

When confronted with a cancer diagnosis, patients may feel overwhelmed and find the healthcare system confusing or difficult to navigate.

At Saint Alphonsus, we offer Oncology Nurse Navigator services to help patients and their families during this critical time to find and make use of the various resources and treatment services they need to receive the best cancer treatment possible.

This innovative patient-assistance program helps to remove roadblocks to treatment, so that patients are able to keep their appointments and follow their treatment regimen.

The role of the patient navigator

Saint Alphonsus Oncology Nurse Navigators serve as patient care coordinators, educators and trusted advocates who are sensitive to the needs of each individual patient.

Our Navigator can offer assistance with services such as:

  • scheduling appointments
  • connecting with support services such as nutrition counseling
  • physical therapy or social work
  • finding financial, transportation, and child care resources as needed
  • locating the many other available services that may help patients and families deal with the stress of a cancer diagnosis.

How can the navigator help?

By educating and supporting each patient, Nurse Navigators empower them to make informed treatment decisions.  This can be especially important to those who may not have the advantage of a strong family or community support system.
We’ll help you to understand:

  • your diagnosis.
  • your treatment plan and what to expect.
  • the procedures that may be necessary during your care.
  • what you can expect during hospitalization and recovery at home.

What will it cost?

There is no charge for the Navigator services or for any of the Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center’s Integrative Care Services.  We recognize the importance of providing a knowledgeable and supportive guide for our patients as they begin a life-changing journey.

“The Navigator provides a calming refuge from the storm of confusion and fear that often confronts a newly diagnosed patient.”

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