Saint Alphonsus Health System

Meet Our Staff

Registered nurses pursue ongoing specialty education to better understand and accommodate the needs of cancer patients. Many of our nurses have achieved recognition as Oncology Certified Nurses, after completing 1,000+ hours of oncology experience and passing a national certification exam.

Nationally certified radiation therapists provide advanced radiation planning and treatments through customized radiation techniques on state-of-the-art equipment.

Our radiation physics department has two board-certified physicists and two medical dosimetrists who routinely consult with the radiation oncologists to ensure accuracy, safety and advanced technical considerations for all radiation treatments.

Our board-certified pharmacists ensure we maintain a safe environment to effectively prepare and administer the latest drug therapies. They process medication orders, prepare treatment protocols consistent with national standards and consult directly with physicians to ensure our patients are treated with the highest standards of care. They also provide patients and caregivers with medication-related educational information.

Healthy eating is especially important for people diagnosed with cancer. Good nutrition helps the body fight cancer, as well as cope with the effects of cancer treatment. Our clinical dietitian is available to provide nutrition information and planning as well as to answer nutrition-related concerns and questions before, during or after cancer treatment.

Our genetic counselor provides education and risk assessment for people who, based on personal and family history, are at high risk for developing cancer.

Our counselor offers instruction in meditation, relaxation, guided imagery and other mind-body healing methods to further assist you on your healing journey. Individual and family counseling is available for patients and loved ones to help cope with the emotional and spiritual impact of cancer.

Our social worker assists patients with needs associated with their treatment and provides information, referral and advocacy services for social security/disability, lodging, financial assistance, cancer education and support.

Our Breast Care Navigators provide individualized case management and guidance to women and men recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The navigators foster collaborative treatment planning with a team of specialists (radiologists, surgeons, oncologists) providing the patient’s with a more responsive, individualized approach to care.

Our American Cancer Society Patient Navigator connects patients and family members with information and resourcs they may need while coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Our financial counselor assists patients and families who do not have health insurance.

Our chaplains minister to patients and caregivers who request spiritual guidance and support. The approach is non-denominational, listening to and honoring the beliefs of each individual, while offering prayer and spiritual guidance.

And, of course, there are many staff behind the scenes who support the front line clinical staff: unit clerks, support associates, pharmacy technicians, laboratory technologists, tumor registrars, research staff, administrative/support staff.