Saint Alphonsus Health System

Massage Therapy

For everyone in your family...infants to seniors.

Massage is one of the most therapeutic ways of relieving discomfort. At the Saint Alphonsus Family Center in Boise and Birkeland Maternity Center in Nampa, we are proud to offer a wide selection of Massage Therapy services. As a non-profit organization, our massage prices are extremely reasonable and competitive. Please call 208-367-7490 for more details, to schedule an appointment, or to purchase a gift certificate.

Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage is a combination of modalities designed to integrate into your lifestyle. Pressure and strokes range from light to moderate and are adapted to your wants and needs. Through the use of various techniques, you will feel a sense of calm and serenity. It’s a great way to put you back in touch with your total self.

Pregnancy Massage
Mom relaxes and feels empowered with techniques to center herself both physically and mentally for the impending birth of her child. Specialized therapeutic massage techniques are used to help reduce the common discomforts of pregnancy like swelling, as well as back, hip, and joint pain. A great way to pamper moms-to-be.

Couples Massage Instruction
This is a hands-on session with a therapist who teaches each person how to handle partner-specific complaints and provide relief to the other at home. 45 minutes to 1 hour is dedicated to each individual.

Infant Massage Communication
A private session that will teach parents and caregivers a wide variety of techniques that they can use to develop an enjoyable routine with the infant they love. However, this series is not simply about learning infant massage strokes; instead it strives to help parent and baby form a loving and secure lifelong relationship. Infant massage has also been shown to improve circulation and digestion. Infant massage can also reduce symptoms of colic, help stabilize sleep patterns, enhance body awareness and encourage brain development.