St. Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario
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Board of Directors

  • Don Roumagoux, Chair
  • Andrew Bentz, Past Chair
  • John Kirby
  • Sr. Kay Marie Duncan
  • Paul Gering, MD
  • Maureen McDonough
  • Jeannette Mayer
  • Sharon Wada
  • Carole Kitamura
  • Rick LaHuis
  • David Brauer, M.D.
  • Amber Campbell, Foundation Chair, ex-officio
  • Karl Keeler, CEO

Saint Alphonsus — Ontario Administration

  • Karl Keeler
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Lannie Checkettes
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Nancy Greer
    Chief Nursing Officer
  • Brenda Munsey
    Sr. HR Business Partner
  • Kenneth Hart
    Exec. Director of Foundation, V.P.  Operations 
  • Leanna Bentz
    Director of Marketing & Community Benefit  

Officers and Service Chiefs

  • Pat Plummer, MD
    Chief of Staff
  • Dave Brauer, MD
    Vice Chief of Staff
  • Frank Spokas, MD
  • Alan Bean, MD
    Chief of Emergency Medicine
  • Nani Cabrera, DO
    Chief of Family Practice
  • Mohsin Syed, MD
    Chief of Medicine
  • Guillermo Guzman, MD
    Chief of Obstetrics
  • Michelle DeVoe, DO
    Chief of Pediatrics
  • Janet Cegnar, MD
    Chief of Radiology
  • Julie Rysenga, MD
    Chief of Surgery

Committee Chairs

  • Frank Spokas, MD
    Bylaws Chair
  • Marc Iseri, MD
    Credentials Chair
  • Patrick Plummer, MD
    Infection Control
  • Tony Tesnohlidek, MD
    Nominating Chair
  • Vernon Barton, MD
    Performance Improvement Chair
  • Paul Gering, MD
    Pharmacy and Therapeutics Chair
  • Andy Peterson, MD
    Professional Library Services Chair



Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario  |  351 S.W. 9th Street  |  Ontario, Oregon 97914  |  541-881-7000

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