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Although people may think of cancer as a single disease, it is actually more than 100 different diseases, all characterized by runaway cell growth.

Healthy cells grow, divide and replace themselves in an orderly way. This process keeps the body in good repair.  Sometimes, however, cells lose their ability to limit and direct their growth.  If cancer cells multiply unchecked, they are a threat to life. They can invade and destroy nearby tissue and organs.

That’s why Saint Alphonsus encourages everyone to have annual screenings and to discuss any concerns with your physician.

Scheduling Your Annual Mammogram

You are probably aware that early detection through regular mammography screening can save lives.  But did you also know that, according to the Department of Health and Welfare, more than a third of Idaho women over the age of 40 did not receive this important screening in the last two years?  This unfortunate statistic places Idaho last out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia in cancer screening mammogram rates.

At the Saint Alphonsus Breast Care Center, we’re expanding our services to make state-of-the-art digital mammography available throughout the Treasure Valley.  We provide comprehensive, innovative and integrated high-quality breast care that is individualized for you.

Why hesitate to do all you can to protect your health?  The earlier a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, the better her chances of survival. For women diagnosed at an early stage, when the cancer is confined to her breast tissue, about 95% will survive five years or longer.

Learn more about our services or how you can reduce your risks.

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