Saint Alphonsus Health System

IRB Meeting Dates

The IRB is a standing committee and is supported by Research Integrity. Research Integrity will maintain all IRB records, including a membership list with each member's representative capacity, board certifications, licenses, education regarding human research participant's rights, experience and relationship to the Medical Center.

The IRB will meet as needed but not less than once a month and only if a quorum is present. Additional meetings may be convened as necessary to accommodate IRB business. Minutes of the meetings will be kept on file in Research Integrity. Minutes will include a list of attendees; the presence of a quorum; documentation of initial, continuing, and expedited reviews; education presentation; controversial issues; voting and actions taken; and the basis for requiring changes in or disapproval of research that was discussed.

The monthly IRB meetings will last as long as necessary to conduct IRB business.

Download IRB meeting dates (PDF)