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Inpatient Rehabilitation

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The Saint Alphonsus Inpatient Rehabilitation Program is located at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, ID. Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Units boast highly experienced, skilled teams of therapists specializing in assisting people to recover or compensate for deficits resulting from:

Our Continuum of Care

Saint Alphonsus provides the only full scope of services in the region. These levels of service include:

  • Life flight/emergency transport.
  • The region's only trauma center.
  • Critical care unit.
  • Acute hospitalization/neuro-science unit.
  • Comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Comprehensive integrated outpatient rehabilitation (STARS).
  • Home health services.

This broad continuum of care allows us to manage your care from the point of injury or illness until you are discharged back into your community of choice. This means that we are with you every step of the way!

Our Goals

The goals of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Saint Alphonsus are to:

  • Develop a rehabilitation program that is individualized and tailored to the needs of each individual.
  • Minimize disability.
  • Help patients safely regain as much function as possible.
  • Help each patient achieve the highest possible level of independence.
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More About Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

What is it?
Acute inpatient rehabilitation such as that provided by the Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Center, is a program that helps individuals recover from injuries and illnesses such as stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, multi-trauma, degenerative neurological diseases, etc. The program addresses the impairments and activity limitations caused by such conditions.

Where is it?
Some rehabilitation centers are freestanding while others are part of a larger hospital system. The Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Center is part of Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and is located on the 3rd floor of the South Tower. Although it is a unit of a larger hospital and looks like any other hospital floor, patients are expected to do more for themselves. They are out of their rooms more for therapy, gym activities, dining activities, group educational activities, socialization activities, recreational activities, etc.

How does the program address impairments and activity limitations?
The program addresses impairments and activity limitations through therapy, nursing cares, education, and medical treatment individually tailored to the needs of each individual. The program is designed to help patients build on the skills needed to be as independent as possible.

What are the goals of Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation?
One goal of the program is to help patients return to the least restrictive setting possible. In general, it is the goal of the program to get patients back to their homes and communities. The second goal of the program is to help people become as independent as possible. Increased independence gives people the best chance to once again participate in recreation and leisure activities, social activities, parenting, caregiving, going to school, working, driving, etc. The length of stay on acute rehab is dependent on individual needs and one's ability to participate and benefit from therapy.

How much therapy does one get in an Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Program?
At a minimum, each patient will receive three hours (180 minutes) of therapy each day, five for seven days per week. Therapies typically occur Monday through Friday; however, patients may be seen on the weekends as well depending on medical and functional needs and payer requirements.

At the early stages of recovery, Acute inpatient rehabilitation has been found to be more effective than other levels of care (e.g., nursing home, subacute facility, Long term acute care hospital, home health, outpatient, etc.) due to this intensive therapy program and coordinated inter-disciplinary approach. Additionally, in acute rehab most therapy and care is provided by licensed staff rather than by aides.

What do you mean by interdisciplinary approach?
This means that healthcare providers work together on a treatment plan individually tailored to meet the rehabilitation needs of each patient. The plan will include cares and goals developed by physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, recreational therapists, neuropsychologists, etc. See the Patient Information Manual for more information on the specialty services provided by each of these professionals and how therapy may help you. Other therapies such as wound care, respiratory therapy, diabetes education, dialysis or nutrition management is provided as needed.

Will my insurance pay for Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation?
Medicare will pay for inpatient rehabilitation if specific criteria are met. Our Rehabilitation Admission Coordinators (RACs) complete an assessment and together with the rehabilitation physicians determine if patients meet this specific criteria for admission.

For other insurers such as private insurance, a managed Medicare plan, Medicaid, etc., the RACs will contact the insurance plans to determine if acute inpatient rehabilitation is covered and specifically what costs will be covered.