Saint Alphonsus Health System

Hospitalist Services

HospitalistWhat Is the Hospitalist Service?

The Saint Alphonsus Hospitalist Service is a special program designed to deliver 24-hour inpatient care for adult patients who either do not have a primary care provider, or whose primary provider cannot make hospital calls.

The Hospitalists are a team of physicians and nurse practitioners who see patients only in the hospital setting. The Hospitalists' sole responsibility is to care for hospitalized patients from admission to discharge. The Hospitalists are experts in helping people who are hospitalized with a variety of conditions. While a patient is hospitalized, he or she may be seen by more than one Hospitalist. The Hospitalists work together and communicate frequently with one another about the treatment of their patients. The Hospitalists will also provide communication and feedback to a patient's primary physician.

Hospitalists are readily available to their patients. Since Hospitalists are hospital-based, they generally can respond quickly whenever a patient or family member has a question or concern.

Who Can Use The Hospitalist Service?

The Saint Alphonsus Hospitalist Service can be utilized by any referring primary care provider who wishes to have our team of specialists care for their adult patients while they are in the hospital.

When Is The Hospitalist Service Operational?

Saint Alphonsus Hospitalists are available 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Their around-the-clock care comforts patients with the knowledge that a physician will be available to them when needed.

What Is The Cost Of The Service?

It costs no more to have this around-the-clock care than for your primary care provider to visit you while you are in the hospital.