Saint Alphonsus Health System

General Surgery

General Surgery offers consultative, diagnostic, and therapeutic services to both outpatients and inpatients for all surgical disorders of the esophagus, gastrointestinal tract, colon and rectal tract, liver, pancreas, breast and endocrine glands. After hours, urgent referrals may be made through the emergency department at 208-367-3221. Patient referrals for consultation or surgical care to a specific surgeon should be made by contacting the individual surgeon's office.

Our General Surgery department provides comprehensive services for surgeries of the head, chest, arms, abdomen and legs, as well as gynecological needs.

daVinci™—3D Eyes and Extra Hands in the OR

Saint Alphonsus offers daVinci™ Si Robotic Technology for a number of minimally invasive surgeries utilizing laparoscopic surgical techniques. Peering into a console several feet away from the patient, the surgeon has a field of vision that is 3-D and magnified 10 times beyond normal to optimize the view of tissues and organs. The surgeon's eyes are then considered “inside” the patient—a view literally inches from the operative field. One surgeon described daVinci™ as “ being able to shrink my hands and put them places they'd never fit.”

Detachable surgical instruments are used by the robot's arms. These instruments are connected to an advanced mechanical feature—tiny, electronically controlled wrists. As one of the daVinci™ innovations, the surgeon can sit comfortably at a console with his/her arms in a natural operating position and instruments can be rotated, tilted, advanced and withdrawn. The daVinci™ allows for dexterity and can reproduce the exact movements of the human hand, wrist and fingers.

daVinci technology offers many potential benefits to patients including, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery.