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Boise Maternity Services

Maternity BabyPersonal Maternity Care for Idaho

At the Saint Alphonsus Family Maternity Center, we devote extra attention to making sure that the birth of your baby is a personal experience.

We offer parents a wide array of choices with a full range of services by mother-baby experts to make sure you get the care, pampering and keepsake moments you've dreamed about—not to mention our private, soothing and luxurious accommodations.

Our goal is to provide residents of Boise, Idaho and the surrounding area with an excellent labor and delivery experience close to home.

Family Maternity Center EntrancePreparing for delivery

  • Childbirth classes offer you great peace of mind in preparation for delivery. Learn more.
  • Free prenatal tours. To schedule a tour of the Family Maternity Center, call 208-367-3454.

Private labor and delivery suites

At the Saint Alphonsus Family Maternity Center, we will work with you and your physician or certified nurse-midwife to design a birthing experience that meets your personal wishes and helps ensure the health of you and your baby.

  • You labor and give birth in your own private suite. Families have access to a private Jacuzzi for labor, 24 hour pantry, private gardens and a variety of birthing tools to support you during labor.
  • You decide who will be involved in the birth and to what extent. Select family members can remain comfortably with you if you choose. We will also provide your birth partner with a beeper if he or she needs to leave your side.
  • You choose exactly what type of birthing professional you want to help you through your pregnancy and deliver the baby.
  • You choose the type of anesthesia, if any, you prefer. Hypnobirthing or Lamaze classes can help you learn how to use natural alternatives to traditional anesthesia.

Postpartum RoomFamily suites

Shortly after delivery, you and your baby will be moved to your own private and spacious family suite to recover and get to know each other. Our patients often express gratitude for our comfortable, serene and highly secure accommodations.

Specially trained nurses on each shift care for both you and your baby and attend to your every need. Your baby stays with you as much as you desire, and feeding happens naturally when the baby is hungry.

Each room features cable TV, a DVD player, high-speed Internet access and a sleeper chair for partners who want to stay overnight.

We also offer cuisine-on-call, which allows you to order from a special menu whenever you wish.

Baby Hand with DadThe little extras

  • Baby care lessons provided for the whole family.
  • Free massage for each new mother.
  • Celebration dinner for the new parents before going home.
  • Visit from lactation consultants. We offer the most comprehensive line of lactation products in the Treasure Valley.

Expert care for high-risk pregnancies

If your pregnancy becomes high-risk or your newborn is born prematurely, we've got you covered. Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physicians, Obstetric Hospitalists and Neonatologists are available to meet your needs. Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides the highest level of care for newborns available anywhere in Idaho.

Newborn BabyWhen you go home

At Saint Alphonsus, we don't just help babies arrive. We help your family prepare, grow and thrive before, during and long after you've taken your new baby home.

Our nurses, certified childbirth educators and lactation specialists are available to answer your questions from home. Our parenting classes and support groups are also good for moms seeking support from experts and other moms.