Saint Alphonsus Health System

Education & Prevention


The mission of ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation is to prevent brain, spinal cord and other traumatic injuries through the education of individuals, community leaders and the creators of public policy. The Saint Alphonsus Neuroscience Institute sponsors the local chapter of ThinkFirst through classroom curriculum that addresses safety issues with children, grades one through 12. For more information on the local ThinkFirst chapter, contact the INI at 208-367-2747.

Seminars and Conferences

As part of its dedication to the advancement of neurological knowledge, the Saint Alphonsus Neuroscience Institute provides physician, patient and community education. The Neuroscience Institute hosts a variety of workshops, conferences, seminars and symposia. For more information about upcoming offerings, contact Nichole Whitener at 208-367-2233 or e-mail for additional information.