Saint Alphonsus Health System

Distinguished Citizen

Distinguished CitizenSince 1988, Saint Alphonsus has hosted an annual awards dinner recognizing and honoring those who have made a substantial impact on Saint Alphonsus and our community with the following criteria. 

Distinguished Individual Citizen Award

The Distinguished Individual Citizen Award honors individuals for their leadership, vision, creativity and philanthropy.  Thanks to their gift of time and support, Saint Alphonsus is able to improve the health of our communities.

These honorees serve as role models for generations of leaders who follow them and support the ongoing mission of Saint Alphonsus.

Distinguished Corporate Citizen/Organization Award

The Distinguished Corporate Citizen Award honors corporations, foundations, small businesses or groups who have a proven philanthropic record spanning several years; give financial support, including gifts-in-kind; promote and encourage a philanthropic attitude and volunteerism amongst their employees; and encourage the community to become involved with not-for-profit groups.

Distinguished Citizen Physician Award

The Distinguished Citizen Physician Award honors physicians, past and present, for their leadership, vision, creativity and philanthropy in the medical community.  Thanks to their gift of time and talent, Saint Alphonsus is able to improve the health of our communities.

2015 Distinguished Citizen Award

Individual: Sondra & George Juetten

Organization: Sisters of the Holy Cross

Physician: Dr. William Houston

Past Distinguished Citizens:

  • 1988 John B. Fery
  • 1989 Fred C. Humphreys
  • 1990 Gary G. and Meryle Kay Michael
  • 1991 F. Edward Osborne
  • 1992 Samuel H. Crossland
  • 1993 James E. Bruce
  • 1994 James B. and Doris I. Cruzen
  • 1995 Margaret Zamzow Priest
  • 1996 Tom and Diana Nicholson
  • 1997 Nancy and Bob Montgomery
  • 1998 Vicki and Pete Helming
  • 1999 Mary Abercrombie
  • 2000 Joe & Patty Marshall
  • 2001 Mark & Julie Lliteras
  • 2002 Roy & Frances Ellsworth
  • 2003 Sister Patricia Mulvaney, CSC
  • 2004 Linda & Ron Yanke, Jon Wagnild, and Fran & Larry Kissler
  • 2005 Founding Foundation Board Members
  • 2006 Micron/Karl Kurtz
  • 2007 Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc./J. Kirk Sullivan
  • 2008 U.S. Bank/Dr. Michael and Kirsten Coughlin
  • 2009 The Harry W. Morrison Foundation/Dr. Shauna Williams
  • 2010 Albertsons/SUPERVALU/Brent Lloyd
  • 2011 Saint Alphonsus Auxiliary/Larry and Marianne Williams
  • 2012 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Idaho Affiliate/William H. Moseley
  • 2013 Idaho Emergency Physicians & Gem State Radiology/Most Reverend Michael P. Driscoll, M.S.W., D.D.
  • 2014 Ada County Paramedics/Winston H. Moore
  • 2015 Sisters of the Holy Cross/Sondra & George Juetten/Dr. William Houston