St. Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario
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100 Years of Service - Centennial Celebration

A Letter to Our Community

This year we commemorate our centennial and celebrate the remarkable journey that has transformed local health care from providing services in a tent to an award-winning medical center.

100 years is no small accomplishment. We made the journey, thanks to the hard work of our founding Dominican Sisters and countless hours of dedicated service by physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals, administrative leaders, volunteers, and members of the hospital Auxiliary.  We are also eternally grateful for the benevolent members of this community who have made our healing mission possible through their gifts of time, talents and treasures.

Whenever the hospital has needed help from the community, the community has responded, and conversely whenever the community has needed the hospital, it has responded as well, even in the most trying times and for the most needy. 

We are convinced that this mutual support and solidarity will continue to strengthen our community hospital as it pursues its mission to serve the community for many years to come.

Our Centennial Celebration is your Centennial Celebration. I invite you to share with us your memorable moments throughout your personal history with our hospital and care givers.

Thank you for supporting of our wonderful Medical Center and the sacred work we do.

Rick Palagi, CEO
Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario


Bishop of Baker
The Most Reverend Liam Cary
Bishop of Baker

One hundred years ago, in Oregon as elsewhere, health care was a local matter.  Communities marshaled their resources to provide for the sick whom, then as now, we always have with us. They were in need of care in Ontario when the Bishop of Baker invited Sisters from Ireland to come and start a school there.

When they arrived, however, the needs of the sick had assumed priority; and the Bishop entrusted them with a mission for which their training as teachers had in no way prepared them: the founding and running of a hospital. Undaunted by this challenge to their expectations, the Sisters promptly set off to find out how Catholic hospitals were run in the new land to which they had been called. They learned what they needed, came back to Ontario, and devoted their lives to the sick who came to them, regardless of religious affiliation or social standing.

The Sisters’ humble obedience saw them through the countless difficulties that confronted them, and they built far better than could have been expected. On the foundation of their enduring example the good work they began goes on bearing fruit to this day.

May our good God continue to bless all those who make this hospital a place of compassion and healing for those who come to its doors in their hour of need.



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