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Breast Surgery

You Deserve the Best in Breast Cancer Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have been told that you might have breast cancer, you will be referred to a surgeon.  At this point in time, you want an experienced surgeon who offers leading-edge expertise in breast surgery techniques.

At Saint Alphonsus, we recognize that dealing with breast cancer can be a trying situation for many women.  That’s why you want a highly-skilled and experienced surgeon with unique insight, looking for ways to preserve both your health and your breasts. Our highly skilled breast surgeons are trained in the latest technologies and current surgical techniques.  They take a tailored approach, working with each patient individually to determine the most effective treatment plan with a combination of therapies. 

Fortunately, most women with breast cancer do not need to lose their breast; many women can undergo a lumpectomy (removal of the whole tumor) and radiation therapy to the area around the lumpectomy (Partial Breast Irradiation) or to the entire breast.

Occasionally, either due to the patient’s preference or because the tumor is too big, the patient has to have a mastectomy, but if she wants, she can usually undergo breast reconstruction at the same time.  If a mastectomy is needed, there may be options for nipple sparing and skin sparing mastectomies – your surgeon, who has received extensive training in this procedure, will be able to discuss options available to you.

In addition, at Saint Alphonsus we are developing a comprehensive multidisciplinary breast center for the treatment of breast cancer.  This means that if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your surgeon along with a team of specialists will work collaboratively to create an individualized treatment plan specifically for you.

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