Saint Alphonsus Health System
Title   Crescentic Plate Study

Physicians at the Coughlin Clinic will be collecting data from patients that choose to have a plate implanted to correct deformities from bunyons. This is a light-weight, titanium plate that has been FDA approved and will be used as an alternative to the screw and pin treatment. The hope is that this plate will facilitate an uninterrupted healing process and offer better fixation.

IRB Number   13-13
Treatment   Orthopaedics
Inclusion/Notes   Patients that opt for correction using the plate will be asked to particpate in this study.
Status   Active
Start Date   06/25/2013
Principal Name   Michael Coughlin, MD
Contact Name   Alicia Trakas
Fax   (208) 367-3331
Current Trial Type   Observational, data collection
Phone   (208) 367-3330