Saint Alphonsus Health System
Title   A Multicenter, Prospective Post Marketing Surveillance Study to Assess Mid-term performance of the MPact® Cup in Subjects Requiring Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty

Multi-center, prospective study that involves patients with hip joint disease and require a total hip replacement. Dr. McGee is monitoring the performance of the MPact® Cup treatment. He is interested in investigating patients’ overall improvement, satisfaction and post-op outcomes related to the MPact® Cup.

IRB Number   12-16
Treatment   Orthopaedics

Patients that undergo total hip replacement using the MPact® acetabular cup are eligible to enroll in this study.

Start Date   11/26/2012
Principal Name   Dennis McGee, MD
Contact Name   Alicia Trakas
Fax   (208) 367-3331
Current Trial Type   Prospective, data collection
Phone   (208) 367-3330