Saint Alphonsus Health System

Amyx Family Resource Library

Amyx Family Resource LibraryThe Amyx Family Resource Library, funded by the Amyx Foundation, Inc., provides patients of Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Centers and members of the community easy access to information and resources on cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, integrative therapies and survivorship.

ACS logoThe Resource Library is operated as an American Cancer Society Cancer Resource Center and is staffed with volunteers specially trained by both Saint Alphonsus and the American Cancer Society.

The Amyx Foundation also provided the Cancer Care Center with computers for patients and family members to use to find cancer information on the Iinternet. Located in the main waiting room of the Caldwell Center and on the first floor of the Boise Center, the Amyx computer has several reputable websites bookmarked, making the search for reliable cancer information convenient for patients and families. If you are interested in donating to The Amyx Family Resource Library, click here.